Legend Bricks Adventure 2013




於2013年11月24日至12月2日 在香港城市大學舉行每年一次的Legend Bricks Adventure,舉辦目的是與一眾樂高迷分享及交流作品技巧。

展現為8日,超過12,000人次到場參觀 。展覽題材為城市,城堡,電影場景,卡通人物,火車等。



The annual Legend Bricks Adventure was held in the City University of Hong Kong between 24th Nov and 2nd Dec 2013. It was for LEGO® fans to share and exchange their thoughts.

The 8 day show attracted 12,000 visitors. On exhibition were models of cities, castles, film sets, cartoon characters, and trains.

I have exhibited my models of Greek houses, the Big Ben, penguins, and the heads of figures. It was challenging to replicate the feel of life on the animal models.

IMG_1463 IMG_1474